1,001 Free eBooks that You Must Read to Succeed (at Just About Anything!) (eBooks #21 to #30) — Part #3

writers-manifesto-cover#21) the Writer’s Manifesto — by Jeff Goins — In this free eBook, Jeff intimately unearths and delineates what he considers core attributes of a ‘true writer’. He makes a compelling case for creativity and art, similarly akin to what I have become accustomed to reading from another one of my heroes: Seth Godin. In a world where the oftentimes unrelenting desire for fame, celebrity, fortune, and “applause” can creep in and begin to trump the purity of a writer’s motivation and intent, I see this manifesto as a bit of a battle cry that can serve as a continual reminder to those who may be tempted to forsake the unadulterated roots of a passionate writer. Throughout his 44-page free eBook, Jeff goes on to argue that true writers write simply because they love to write, and, he warns that unsuspecting writers can easily fall into the trap of writing to appease some ulterior motives that could ultimately lead to a sense of emptiness and lack of fulfillment. Such is the case with many artists, who have come before, who have forsaken their art in order to appeal to the masses. Herein lies a very interesting paradox that Jeff conveys on pages 30 and 31 of his manifesto: “As we care less about our audience’s affections, more people will be affected by our writing. They will applaud it. They will venerate it. And congratulate those responsible. Some day.

If at all possible, I would encourage you to not only read Jeff’s free eBook here, but I would also encourage you to make your way over to his blog. Throughout his many blog posts, you’ll find some powerful insights into the art of writing that are beautifully written and incredibly engaging.

Read MORE About Jeff HERE.

Tactical Takeaway #1: “Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety. They do it because they cannot not write.” – Pg. 14 (of 44)

Tactical Takeaway #2: “As we disabuse ourselves of the desire to entertain, we writers discover something. That this fasting from acclaim liberates us to create remarkable works of art.” – Pg. 28 (of 44)

book#22) Top 12 Internet Resources From Top Entrepreneurs! …10 of Them Are Free! — by John Lee Dumas – Founder of his complementary website and blog, Entrepreneur on Fire, John Lee Dumas has become just that….on FIRE! Though the infamous “income report” and “resource page” has become synonymous as highly effective marketing tactics to subtly instill value to readers–and, ones that Julie and I, admittedly, use a variation of right here at WarriorNurse–John’s free eBook here is really a simple, yet brilliant, execution of at least one of those tactics: on top of his blog resource page, this free eBook is essentially a downloadable resource page structured as an eBook. (With just two installments thusfar at the time of this writing and publication, his monthly income report is pretty awesome, as well!)

The kicker though?

Simultaneously to writing this blog post, I have also been (re)-reading an awesome book, by psychologist Robert Cialdini, Ph.D, entitled Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion. Buried deep within the confines of this book, Robert speaks to the critical value of authority in essentially guiding the actions and behaviors of others. Even when faced with orders to continually issue repetitive shocks to an innocent victim, a vast amount of research conveyed in Robert’s book dictates that people will generally go all the way with delivering the maximum shock, in relation to their deep-founded desire to always remain compliant to a governing authority.

Ethical implications aside, it would seem that John and I actually have very similar backgrounds, as U.S. Army officers, where the efficiency of the military system relies on the sound execution of this principle. Lawful orders are expected to be followed, and an entire internal ranking system has been deliberately structured to ensure compliance from subordinates in even the most complex and taxing of situations. New recruits are exposed to this long before they even go to basic combat training. Balancing the required efficiency of the system, with the avoidance of turning subordinates into thoughtless droids, is a topic reserved for another time.

Though a free eBook, I appreciated John’s slant to it, as it fully embraced Robert Cialdini’s conveyance of authority. Not only does this free eBook provide tremendous value to a reader, but it subtly conveys respectable authority by highlighting those tools and resources that are ACTUALLY used by “Top Entrepreneurs”. Even though John doesn’t actually mention top entrepreneurs by name, he does mention how many times the tool was recommended. To some degree, readers must take a leap of faith with him by trusting that these resources are actually being used by top entrepreneurs. My online entrepreneurial experience dictates that that is true, so I have no problem taking that leap with him, as I can personally name several top entrepreneurs who actually use these tools. In fact, those entrepreneurs don’t just use these tools as part of some shady fly-by-night tactic, but rather, as a fundamental cornerstone to their online businesses.

#23) 18 Months, 2 Blogs, 6 Figures — by Corbett Barr – Write-up coming soon!

#24) A Brief Guide to World Domination*: How to Live a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World, *and Other Important Goals — by Chris Guillebeau – Write-up coming soon!

#25) More Time Now: A Pretty Simple Way to Invest One Hour a Week to Free Up 1,000 Hours a Year — by Dave Navarro – Write-up coming soon!

#26) Personal Writing Magic  — by Annabel Candy – Write-up coming soon!

#27) The Beginner’s Guide to SEO — by SEO MOZ – Write-up coming soon!

#28) Take this Job and Shove It — by Tyler Tervooren – Write-up coming soon!

#29) The Inconvenience of Change — by Matt Cheuvront – Write-up coming soon!

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  1. Hi Howie and Julie,

    There are so many great ebooks out there so it’s useful to be able to find them all in one place here :) Hope you have a good read of Personal Writing Magic. I think the personal story is so important for blogging and look forward to seeing your blog grow and evolve!

    • Julie @ WarriorNurse.com says:

      Thank you for stopping in, Annabel! It’s an honor to have garnered the attention of someone who has built something pretty great online. Howie and I are having a great time reading all these eBooks. We have been reading your blog for awhile now…and, it’s an honor to mention your book here (although, at the time of our responding to your comment, we haven’t actually done our write-up of your eBook quite yet…). We will get there, though! Promise! :) Well, we are glad you could stop by and we hope to see more of you!



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